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Hi Aidan
Just a quick note to thank you for bike fit.
I'm much more comfortable on bike and seem to be traveling much better even
up the dreaded hills.
The rest of the group commented on my possition on bike looking different
before they knew I had been down with you ( one thought I had a new bike)
Thanks again for your advise and exercise plan
Al ODonoghue
Hello Aidan

Just a note to thank you again for your midas touch re. my bike fit at start of
summer at Clarkes, Cavan.

Given that bike leg was always my weakest discipline, performance on Sunday was a
real confidence booster.

Can't advocate enough to my tri newbies the importance of having a 'strong' position
on bike.

Best regards


(Newtownbutler, Co Fermanagh)

Thanks for bike fitting yesterday, bike was very comfortable during today's
race. Finished about 20th out of 70 riders, weather was great too.


Hi Aidan,
I was out for a long cycle this morning,  knees perfect after it. Thanks a
On 4 Jun 2016 17:16
Hi Aidan,

I just wanted to drop you a line thanking you for the bike fittings to the
TT & road bike.  The TT is incredibly comfortable now and I no longer
suffer with a tightness in my ITB's.

I also took your advice regarding my inactive right glute and I've taken on
a serious S&C programme since we met, with great results.  I'm coming off
the back of setting new pb's in both 5km and 10km running races yesterday
so I'm delighted with those.  I'm heading into the taper phase for Lisboa

Anyhow I just wanted to thank you for your time, insight and down to earth
approach to ordinary try-athletes like myself.  I can't stop recommending
you to friends.  I'll be looking for a refit on the TT at the end of July
for Lost Sheep.

Finally, I asked you about a tt mechanic in my area and you mentioned a
person in Clonmel.  Can you please confirm their name again, I'm keen to
have the bike all in order for Lisboa.  Which shop are they workign with?

I'll be in touch in due course regarding the refit.

Kind regards,

John Wilson
Thanks a million Aidan for the recent bike fit, I've been out for a few
100k spins and it fits like a glove, many thanks

On 23 Feb 2016 
Hey Aidan

I'm gonna start calling you Jesus :)

Fourth day in a row today so 140k's commute with no knee pain, I feel it slightly
when I get home very faint. But it seems the exercises reset it or something and
next morning its 100% again. I didn't start the exercises for a little over a week
because the adjustments you did on the saddle and cleat made a difference in
themselves - but it's an incredible difference with the exercises too. The bigger
joke though is the saddle sore - I put up with that for the best part of a year.
Almost always discomfort after the first day - this week has been great. Really
great. No discomfort on the saddle at all. Should have come to you ages ago.

Anyway thanks a million man, really appreciate your help. I'll give you a shout in a
couple of weeks. Let me know if you want me to give you back that saddle, or I can
order another one online and just get it sent to you.

Thanks again Aidan


Rob McGuirk

Hi Aidan The Bike fit is perfect. I have much more power in my legs.Very different machine Thanks Dennis 
Good Evening Aidan,

Thank you for the bike fitting today. It was a pleasure to have meet you.  Following
the set up this morning I have a long brick session as in 2 hours bike followed by
30 min running. I have to say the bike fitting this morning made a big and
noticeable difference to my bike experience. Felt comfortable on the bike and didn't
suffer the aches and pains that I would have in the past on the legs or while I was
down on the tt bars. Also, the legs were more fresh heading into my run. So a good
experience overall.

Thanks again.


Hi Aidan,

Its been a few weeks since I had the bike fit and just wanted to give you some
feedback.  I have been doing a bit of cycling since and am building all the time.  I
must say I find my position on the bike to be much more efficient and comfortable
than my previous set up.  I havent tried the clip on tri bar set up yet but hope to
do so soon.  

Just want to say thanks very much.  I havent looked up that guy in Dundrum yet about
my hip alignment but will do so shortly.

Thanks again,

Marc WalsheHi Aidan,
Just to let you know, I did the cycle from Maynooth to Galway and back the
weekend just gone. I felt really good and amazingly didn't really have any
stiffness or soreness on the bike, in spite of the long time that I was on
Thanks for your help!
HI Aidan,

Just a quick note to thank you for your time and to let you know that the
adjustments that you made to my bike have worked wonders. Two days after my
fit I went on a very, very hilly spin and the difference was incredible, and
on Sunday I got in my longest (50Km) spin yet and finished as fresh as a

During your assessment, you mentioned that I had a leg length discrepancy
and that this could have an effect on my back. As I want to have this
investigated further, can you please forward your findings to me? I will
take these to my
Hi Aidan,

I went for a spin on the weekend after the bike fitting the previous

The bike felt fine.  Raising the saddle and extending the stem means I'm
riding less on the top of the hoods and using the other parts of the
handlebar more - even the drops.  Better again - touch wood - the squeaks
are gone !   It seems that moving the cleats back a little from the very
front of the shoes has resolved that problem. Riding is once again a
pleasure !

Haven't done much hills yet - but I expect the fitting (and suggested new
Conti 4 seasons on order) will make me more relaxed and confident on the

Many thanks

Hi Aidan,

You did my bike fit for me about 4 weeks ago, and I just wanted to say that I am
really happy with it. I was having a good bit of shoulder and neck pain but since
you adjusted it to a slightly less aggressive position, I have noticed a big

Last few days of training before the wicklow 200Ö.which I am dreading but no doubt
Iíll be relieved (and totally knackered) when it's over!

Thanks for all your help.


Thanks Aidan my bike seems a better fit . went 85km on Sunday and no sore
A good test will be the Wicklow 100 on Sunday!
FYI - thanks again for all the great coaching / fitting / answering of endless

See you at SM on Sunday.

Hi Aidan
Just to say many thanks for our bike fit session on Friday 2nd January 2015. Your
knowledge and advice has made a big difference to my son Christopher's position on
his racing bike. He is really looking forward to the racing season with confidence
and as for an old fellow like myself I will take anything that will give me an
advantage!. Again I feel really good and very comfortable with your set up. It was a
pleasure meeting you and the recollection of fellow riders over the years. I wish
you and your family good health and happiness for 2015.
 Kind regards
Rodger & Christopher Neill
Shimna Wheelers
Newcastle Co. Down
Hi Aidan*

*I hope you are keeping well. I have been meaning to write for quite a
while now just to thank you for the fitting a few months back. I had begun
to suffer from knee pain on cycles of 15+ kilometres, and it was really
starting to interfere with my enjoyment of cycling. I just wish I had
contacted you straight away rather than spending 6 months tinkering myself
with cleat positions, saddle heights, stem lengths and various angles! The
fitting immediately made a huge difference, especially the fitting of my
road bike, but even the fitting you did on my commuting hybrid bike has
made a difference even though it is only a 5km commute. A few months have
gone by now and no recurrence of the problems so thanks again!*

*Kind regards*

*Jeff Greene*
Hi Aidan,

Just getting back to you with some feedback regarding the bike fit you did for me on
10th January.

I have done about 4 three hour spins since the fitting and have never been more
comfortable on the bike. The new position seems to work very well and the addition
of the shim's on the right shoe has made a very positive difference.

I reverted back to the Prologo saddle since the fitting and it seems OK, will make a
decision whether to switch back to Bontrager after a few more spins.

I will probably purchase new shoes in the coming weeks so I might call upon you to
setup the cleat's & shim's and perhaps look into getting the insole's you mentioned.

Thanks once again.


Hi Aidan,

I meant to drop you a note quite some time back, but the last few weeks
have been crazy in work. Anyway, the fitting has worked wonders and it
really feels like a new bike altogether. I'm definitely able to get the
power down now and the discomfort that set in after 30 mins isn't there any
I did spend one a considerable amount of time in the drops on a long spin
and I found myself quite sore the next day (this is due to my lack of
flexibility and the fact that I almost never use the drops) so I think I'll
stick with the 110mm stem rather than swap for a 120mm. I'm doing my best
with the tight hamstrings too.

Hi Aidan,
Iím really sorry itís taken so long to email you, but I just wanted to send you a
note to say thanks for the help you gave me in preparing for the Paris2Nice cycle in
September.  I made it through the 6 days with (virtually!) no pain, certainly no
knee or achilles problems anyway!  I also made the Ventoux climb, but I have to be
honest and say I found that very very hard!!
Thanks for the help you gave me, including the nutrition advice.  Iíve recommended
you to many other people since!
Thank you from the Hays Paris2Nice team
Hi Aidan,
Just wanted to thank you again for your help on Saturday: I managed to get out for a
couple of hours this morning, and the difference was immense. No back pain at all,
no neck pain worth mentioning, and even some reduction in hand numbness.
I did get a puncture though, but you predicted that as well...... New tyres should
be here by the end of the week!
Talk soon,
Just back from a big tour of the Rhone Alpes.
First ride I did with the bike was up Ventoux so I was sh*tting it that the
bike wouldn't fit me properly.
As it happens, I rode the whole week without any pain in my back or neck
and much reduced pain in my knees.
Thanks again for sorting me out on Friday.
All the best,
A quick note to say the fitting has bedded in well and I'm not suffering from
saddle sore anymore - thanks a million. Ed
I was in with you for a bike fit back in March. I wanted to come back to you
with some feedback. Overall I was very satisfied with the outcome. I have
about 2,800km done since and not a pain or an ache. I never though those few
adjustments would actually have such an impact. It made a big difference - I
really enjoyed my cycling all summer as a result. 

As I said at the time, the plan was to see could I finish an Ironman. At the
end of August I made my way to Copenhagen and thankfully I managed to get
over the line. I finished in a time of 11:40. I was very happy with the bike
split in particular - 5:40. It was a very flat course, a far cry from my
training ground around the Wicklow mountains!

Thanks a lot for your help. If I give in to temptation and pick up a TT bike
I might give you a shout in the spring to fine tune that that for me.

Thanks for the bike fitting session. I have been out on it a few times this
week and it has made a huge difference. I did 130K sportive today (Leinster Loop)-
and the bike felt so different - my performance was well improved. I should have
visited you last year!! I would highly recommend new cyclists to visit Aidan or
seasoned cyclists who have not had bike fitting done. It is money very well spent.
Kevin. Stillorgan.
Hi Aidan

Just a quick thanks , the bike is handling great and have done several hundred km
since. The exercises and foam roller are starting to take effect and I am starting
to feel the benefits. Once again thanks for a great service .

Donal Flynn
Clontarf Cycling Club 
Hi Aidan,
Just to give you an update, went for a 50km spin during the week and a 100km 
club spin yesterday. My position and the feel of the bike are much better 
having the brake levers moved up has made a big difference and the saddle 
position is much better as before I would be moving about trying to get the 
right spot. The feel of the bike feels much better, if that makes sense. I 
had no pain in my shoulders or knees as before. That's not to say I did not 
have pain but the normal after 100k and being unfit.Thanks for you help.

Hi I had a bike fit earlier this week, I just thought I let you know I went out on bike this morning since bike fit to do the usual 30 k and I had finished 1 minute and 30 seconds quicker than my best time without pushing it. Many Thanks Paul Beattie 
Hi Aidan,
Just to say I did the Martin Codyre challenge on Saturday and yesterday did
a 150 km spin.
Everything seems fine
Thanks for your help
Hi Aidan Just a quick e-mail to say thank you for your time, expertise, conversation & chat on Friday evening, its a small world.. I did the duathlon yesterday morning (22k cycle) and the changes you have made are very noticeable (in the right direction) its amazing what difference 2cm makes !!!!!. For the record I finished 4min off my friend Eds bike time (he was 9th overall) and always my bench mark !!. I will get closer to him (on the bike) or so I keep telling myself.. Got a better opportunity to judge the changes this morning with a 50k spin out where things weren't so hectic. Shoulders & neck improvement "definitely", also noticeably better feel while staying seated in a couple of steep climbs where normally I get out of the saddle because the legs & back begin to complain, less readjusting and shifting in the saddle also. I didn't adjust the cleats yet preferring to get a feel for your changes first, I will probably adjust by 1mm backwards for next weekend when I change the cleats. Again, thanks for the advice and hope to deal with you again (perhaps with the TT bike). Kind regards, Eddie.... 
Hi Aidan,

Just to let you know I took The Beast (my bike) out for the first long
hilly spin since fitting this morning and she ran like a dream. I was able
to get a lot more power into hills - I could feel a huge difference in
hamstrings and esp glutes with regard to pushing into climbs and on the
flat for speed. All in all, I felt far more "together" and controlled with
the bike and less extended in posture than in the past. Downhills with the
adjusted drops were so smooth that it was necessary to hold back a little a
time as I was unaccustomed to it. I'm absolutely delighted with her. Thank
you so much for your help. Chuffed to bits.

Thanks a million!

Just a quick message of thanks for the bike fitting last week. Got out on the bike
yesterday for the first time since the fitting and I just couldn't believe the
difference. My neck back and shoulders pain is totally gone. I've really increased
leg drive and power which has made the climbs that bit easier. My position on
the bike really feels great now. Sorry I didn't go to see you earlier. 
Highly recommended to anybody looking for a proper bike fitting. Thanks again
Mick o Shea
Hi Aidan

Hope that allís well with you.

You might remember doing a bikefit for me back in May.

Just wanted to let you know that Iíve been getting on great since then on the bike.

I used to get a lot of pain in my neck and upper spine, especially with longer
distance sportives and I havenít had it since the fit.

Generally feel a lot more comfortable and in a better, more stable position on the

So wanted to say thanks very much - Iíve recommended you to lots of my cycling buddies.

Hope youíre having a good summer and enjoying your triathlons etc - great mild weather.

Chat soon

Hi Aidan,
I hope you're well, the new fit is going great, ive gotten out on the bike a few
times now and I feel much more comfortable on the bike and the quad pain I was
getting every time i rode has substantially decreased, my training and
enjoyment on the bike has greatly improved! thanks
Hi Aidan,
Would you believe i only got the bike back off Hoppy yesterday. Had a
threshhold session today. Finally feel really dialed in on the bike. Right
on the nose.
Thank you,
Aidan good morning,
I just wanted to drop you an email to say than you for getting the fit on
my S5 perfect for my cycle from Malin to Mizen head.
I was relatively pain free for the entiritey of the trip with some days
lasting 8hrs in the saddle.The pain I used to get in my left shoulder ded not re-appear
at all and I was able to get off the bike in the evening pain free.
The group of 5 of us completed the 817km in 5 days. I noticed a lot of the 
rest of the group really struggling with upper back pain and neck and
shoulder issues and having to lie flat out on the ground when we stopped to get some relief.
So I just wanted to say thank you again as I  would not have enjoyed the ride nearly as much.
Thanks again, Eoin Gorman
Hi Aidan,
Just a belated thanks for sorting my bike out.
I am far more comfortable now and it feels easier.
Thanks again
Hi Aidan,
I was with you back at the end of February for a bike fit and im just
dropping you a mail to let you know how things are going. Ive done about
1000km since my fit and its made all the difference. Im more comfortable on
the bike now and before I could only average about 28 to 29km/h and now im
up to about 31 to 32km/h.
Ive dropped the bars another spacer and im havin
g have on some cycles gotten a sore right knee just right after about 45km
but not as bad as before. Im putting that down to the cold, the weather is
starting to warm up. Ive been doing the excercises and got a foam roller and 
advice you gave me definitely helping. Thanks again for the fit and ill be getting you to set up my next bike, when I
go full carbon.
Yesterday, I completed the Tour de Conemarra (140km). I've done quite a few cycle
events on my current bike, but I've never finished any +100km in such good
condition. My hamstrings are pain free, my back feels better, as do my shoulders .
It's amazing what a few millimeters here and there can do. I'm just sorry
I did not do it earlier.
Hi Aidan
Just for feedback - I did the Mick Byrne 200 yesterday. I didn't break any
speed records, took me about ten hours but my neck and shoulder gave no
problems during it, and are nearly perfect today.
thanks for the help
Hello Aidan.
I just wanted to write to thank you and the lady you had with you (I didnt get her name) for doing a super job on my bike on Sunday.It was very professionally done and
I was amazed the difference it has made, I just got to try it out this evening.
Thanks again and keep up the good work.i will definitely be recomme
I will recommend you to any cyclists I know
M Melia
Hi Aidan,
Im just writing to say thanks for the bike fit last Friday, I instantly
felt better on the bike riding home. I felt the process was very thorough
and looked at every aspect of the bike and the rider, Those excersises you
recommended worked a treat and I can already feel an improvement, I will
be recommending you to anybody whose looking for a bike fit.
Thanks again,
Craig Arrigan
Hi Aidan,
Thanks for the bike fitting yesterday...Well worth the journey up to see you.
Very professional set up and the video analysis leaves no doubt in the 
difference a proper fit makes.... I've no excuse now !!
Hope to see you on the roads at the Vets races. All the best and thanks again.
Hi Aidan,
Just to say thank you again for your help and guidance today on the bike fit. It was
fantastic and I cant wait to get out on the bike in the morning.
Cheers, Ray
Best wishes for your own adventures on the bike and in triathlon.
Hi Aidan,
I haven't had a chance to use my road bike yet but the modifications you made to my
commuter bike have definitely lessened the strain on my upper back and neck.
Hi Aidan,
got the bike fit from you there on Sunday, raised saddle 4cm and moved
cleats and saddle back. Took the bike out for around an hour last night and
it feels great - even seems to be handling better in corners. Cycling
definitely feels easier. I know it's early days and a short spin only,
but so far so good.
Hi Aidan
I just wanted to thank you for the comprehensive fitting you gave on Saturday -
It was great value for money and I must say my bike actually feels more comfortable since -
went out to blessington Sunday morning ( in snow and sleet!) and definitely felt
Dropped the specialised back to Joe and he is getting me the 61cm
so I will contact you then to arrange to bring it out for adjustment etc.
I will spread the word. Kind Regards  
Got out for the first time this morning since your bike fit last week.
The difference is huge since the changes you made. My positioning is far moreT
comfortable which has reduced or eliminated a lot of niggles I was getting. Also the
cleat changes gave a more powerful feel to my pedal stroke.
Appreciated the changes alonng with the information you so freely gave. Thanks again John Murphy
Hi Aidan
I got a bike fit with yourself last year to help with it band syndrome. It has been
a massive success so thank you.
I'm buying a new bike and I was looking to get the sizes 
that you gave me. I know you gave them to me on
a page but I was wondering would you have them on file.
Thanks in advance.
Stephen Marken
Hi Aidan,
Just to say a sincere thanks to yourself  for the Bikefit you
did for me recently (along with Pat and Andy from Lucan Stagg Cycles) which has worked out extremely well.
I've done quite a few miles since and the bike is like an extension of 
myself. As it should be I suppose! Feels great. I've been singing your 
Kindest regards,
Chapeau Le Blaireau!
Malachy McKenna
i would also like say thnks for setting up my position. it's far more comfortable my
neck,shoulders, back dont get stiff during long rides any more, the pins and needles
are gone from my foot and i even found i was goning a coule of killometers faster
the first day  iwent out.
thanks again
liam griffin
carnanes x 
co. clare
Hi Aidan
I just wanted to let you know that I have been out on the bike now a
number of times since the bike fitting appointment and the knee pain I
was experiencing is no longer evident. Anyone that ever complains of
any soreness/pain form being on a bike I will be recommending that
they pay you a visit.
Hi Aidan
Just to say I'm really happy with the bikefit, I have had a good few spins at this stage and there is a noticeable improvement with my right knee and back. Pedaling seems more efficient and overall more comfortable on the bike and enjoying rides more. Thanks again.
Dear  Aidan
Thank you sincerely for a great day last Saturday.
All our attended members found your expertise both medically and in the "bike" field excellent. Your words of wisdom and bike adjustments were of huge benefit. We are still laughing with regard to the "no underwear" rule with padded cycling shorts and heeding it. Most of the members that needed to purchase extra gear to make their cycling experience more comfortable have done so already and most of the ladies are on route to buying their new pedals and cycling shoes.
Overall, the club members found your visit well worth it. We are all holding onto our bike measurements for our next bike purchase.
Again, we would like to thank you both and we wish you continued success inthe future. Im certain we will be in contact again as other members who didn't make it onto the list are still interested in a bike fitting. 
Caroline (Club sec). 
Kilbehenny cycling club.
Hi Aidan,
I hope this e-mail finds you well.
thanks very much for the excellent service during my fitting.  my bike and especially my knees never felt better.
thanks again

Hello Aidan,
> > I got a bike fit from you  when you were  in Limerick 2 weeks ago, I was first up with the Giant TCR Advanced 2. I've been out in the bike a few times now and although it felt different with the new position, the cramp I was getting in my calf along with the neck pain has not reoccurred so far which is fantastic. I also feel more power especially on the climbs and down on the drops. I know the other lads that got bike-fit are also very happy, and we've been recommending your service to friends and fellow cyclists. Thanks again and look forward to meeting you on April 27th for the Coaching Day.
> > Regards,
> > Martin Waters
> > PRO
> > Cycle For Sick Children (C4SC)
> > web: www.cycle4sickchildren.com
Hi Aidan,  
Just a short email to say thanks for your bike fitting back on the 20th of January.
The bike does feel more comfortable after it.  I also took your advise and bought apair of specialized shoes. After trying several models I settled on the Pros. Theyare very comfortable. 
Take care and thanks again,
Paddy O'Driscoll
Thanks again Aidan for fitting both bikes last night. 
I was out for training run on my old 'Jimmy special' this morning and
took 10minutes off my typical time!!!
Kind regards, Paul
Thanks. Great response to the bike fit have more interested so could be back to you for another day.  You make a great team and everyone i spoke too had great praise for you and your riders. 
Regards and no doubt ill be in touch jj 
Mate difference on the bike savage no pain.... Have a great holiday... 
Rob Moran
Hi Aidan,
Had a good run out today. 140 km and 1600 Mts. climbing with no niggles !!!
Many Thanks
Hi Aidan,
Many thanks for looking after Cathal and myself yesterday, we went out for a spin afterwards and felt a big difference. For me it was like the centre of gravity had been lowered and much more stable on the down-hill. 
See you on Sunday hopefully at the top of Slieve Maan!
Hi Aidan
Steve Perry here.
Just to say thanks for your excellent service.
Although the changes were minor the difference is incredible.
I now appreciate the value of the bike.
Hi Aidan,
Was out on bike before work for a hilly session the fit is 100% thanks.
Trevor Kelly
Hi Aidan,
Patrick Walsh here - you did a bike fit for me in April. 
Just wanted to let you know that I have since clocked up 1500km in training,
without a single moment of knee pain. 
On Saturday last I completed the Tour de Burren 155km sportive, which was my target
all along.
So thank you very much for sorting me out. Have mentioned your name to a few people
along the way.
Hi  Aidan,
Just a quick mail to say I did my first event since the bike fit on Sunday,
Wicklow Peaks (Naas  Ā® Blessington Ā® Sally Gap Ā® Roundwood Ā® Laragh  Ā® Wicklow
Gap Ā® Naas).
Came in second behind my mate in the 100k course (was supposed to do 120k
but directed the wrong way after feed zone in Laragh by a volunteer),
finished in 3:47:00hrs. Absolutely flying, seem to be spinning alot better
on climbs since the fitting and the shoulders/neck are loose after long
spins. Also flying on training spins, PB's on regular strava climbs.
Thanks again for the great service during the fitting session, I've
recommended you to my mates.
Best Regards,
Stephen Connor
Hi Aidan,
Many thanks for the bike fit the other week.
I got through the Marmotte with no ill-effects body-wise so the adjustments seem to have worked well.
Many thanks again
Best Regards, 
Alan Henry
Hi Aidan,
Just wanted to drop you a note.  I went out on the road bike last night for a few hours.  Usually I would have a very sore, stiff and lingering pain in my lower neck both during and following a road spin.  Last night I had absolutely no pain or discomfort both during or after the cycling.  In addition I have a road loop that  'd do some evenings, when I got home I uploaded the info to Strava only to find that I had 25 new PB's on the loop.
I'm not sure if you sprinkled pixy dust on my bike when I wasn't looking during the fitting, but there was a significant improvement all round, which no doubt is as a result of the tweaks you made to my position.  Finally the issue I was having with my IT band seems to be almost rectified, I'd say its 95% back to normal thanks to the new position and the stretches you gave me to work on it. Many thanks for you're help.  I'll be recommending you and your service to all my
cycling buddies.
Best of luck in the future.
Kind Regards,
Hi Aidan,
Just wanted to say thanks for the fit on Saturday. The drop in the bars felt fine, no residual or new pain and the position felt good on the descent - nearly got take out of it by a deer in Glencullen which was the only issue I had!
Hi Aidan,
Sorry I haven't been in touch sooner, thanks for the bike fitting it has
made a massive difference to my cycling. Not quite the mountain goat yet but heading the right direction.
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